La Pedrera Beach

La Pedrera is a small, eco-friendly town, located in the Rocha State, 260 km from Montevideo. It has 2 main beaches: "El Desplayado" and "Playa del Barco". It is a great place to relax, eat, surf, fish, wale watching, etc. It is also famous for its fun "Carnaval". Great atmosphere!


Marc said...

Hi Andrea, nice to see you're posting again. I guess you were away on a short break and maybe that's where the latest pictures are from. I wish you a Happy New Year with all the best to you and your family.
By the way, I think your blog is interesting enough to attract some more commenters. Maybe try to comment on other CDP sites a bit more and I'm sure some people will comment back on this one. Good luck!

V y Yo said...

Thanks Marc!!! and Happy New Year tou you and your family too!!!!
The thing is that I don't have access to internet very easy (that is why I did not participate in the photo theme this month, LOVE THEM ALL). Also,that is why I do not comment on others CDP blogs all that much, I visit them, specially the ones that live me comments and my followers!!!, I just use my phone to save the post, and when I have internet, I try to upload and do everything.
Thanks again for visiting and your comments!!!!!!!!
By the way I'm always on break;)

babooshka said...

It looks the perfect place just to relax. Nver worry about comments or visiting others, the images will always speak for themselves.

Sue said...

Thanks for your help with my blog. I didn't find the site you were talking about, but was able to follow the last part of your direction, and made a couple pics bigger.

What fun this blogging is!


Marc said...

OK, thanks for your explanation. I'm just so used to almost everybody here in Holland having broadband internet. And many people have more than one computer. Don't worry, keep posting, I like your blog.