Hornero Nest

The hornero bird is found throughout South America. One of its unique characteristics is the nest that it builds. The nest is able to protect the bird's young from predators, such as snakes through its strength and durability. Made of mud with a small hole for entry, nests have been known to last 100 years. When the bird is done raising it's young it leaves the nest, then other bird species reuse the nest for the security and protection it provides.
Text thanks to "The Hornero Foundation"
Most of the hornero species are monogamous and will maintain the pair bond for many years, even for life, they will work together on the nest. The construction of the nest can take from 15 days to 2 to 3 months.


Joyce said...

This is a neat nest. Thanks for the info about the nests too. Enjoy!

Rambling Round said...

This almost looks like a fire ant bed in a tree! Very interesting info about the bird and the nest.

Marc said...

100 years, wow! Now I'm interested in what the hornero bird looks like. I'll google it in a second.