These kind of straw roofs are typical in Uruguay, also these trees, I am trying to find the name of them.
The Nacional Tree of Uruguay is: El ceibo, seibo, bucaré (Erythrina crista-galli, in greek ερυθρος erythros, "red", and latín crista galli, "cresta de gallo") it is a tree from the subfamily Faboideae originary of Sudamerica, Bolivia, Brasil, Paraguay, Argentina and Uruguay.
Gracias a Luis, Vero y Maria Claudia.


Guy D said...

Love the colors in this pic. YOu have alot of great pics on here, I added your blog to my followers list to return often and see more of your work.

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Marc said...

Peculiarly shaped branches, very sharp, but beautiful. And I like the thatched roofs.

Anonymous said...

Probably some Araucaria.

greisyw said...

I think these are ARAUCARIAS.
It is the national tree of Chile.
The national "tree" of Uruguay is not really a tree: it's the OMBU.